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Bronze uessels

Summit of Ancient China's Bronze vessels unearthed in Yin Ruins, including sacrificial vessels, musical instruments, weapons, daily used instruments,decorations and art articles, formed ancient China's history of civilization. The appearance of large quantities of Yin Ruins bronze sacrificial vessels, indicated that the bronze culture of China had reached its summit. The representatives of Yin Ruins bronze vessels, like the bronze sacrificial vessels Ding, Gu and the musical instruments Nao, Ling, ect, were adorned with dense and beautiful veins and designs. The style of exaggeration and mystery, contains great primitive tension and artistic glamour. Furthermore, it reveals the religious feelings and aesthetic conceptions of the ancients in Shang dynasty. The splendid achievements in metallurgy made Yin Ruins one of the ancient bronze culture centers in the world.

Si Muwu square vessel-The Largest one of the World
The huge bronze cauldron-SiMuwu square vessel unearthed in Yin Ruins royal tomb area, is the most famous bronze sacrificial one of the world. The square vessel is 133cm high, 875kgram weigh and the diameter of its rim is 79.2cm, which made it the largest bronze cauldron of the world. The huge square vessel was beautifully decorated, and we call it's the treasure of Chinese bronze culture, the shining pearl of China's art history and The Largest one of the World. The way of casting is so advanced and the formula of it is so scientific that the metallurgists can just gasp in admiration. According to many scholars, this square vessel reflects that the slavery system of shang Dynasty is flourishing and the ancients at that time had great creative power.