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The leader's inspection
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The leader's inspection
The leaders of the party and the state have attached great importance to the protection and utilization of the Yin Ruins'relics. At present, the exploration on inscription on oracles has become an important world wide subject. As the place of origin of the inscriptions on oracles and the cradle of China's archaeology, Anyang Yin ruins undoubtedly is the focal point for the study of the researchers from home and abroad. Having made full use of this advantage, since the 90s, coordinated with the civic government and the YinShang institute of China, we held a series of international memorial activities,.Such as the international forum of Chinese YinShang culture, the sixty-fifth and the seventith anniversaries of the exploration of Yin Ruins, the ninety-fifth international memorial activities of the discovery of inscriptions on oracles. The international academic forum of the discovery of inscriptions was solemnly held last year, and two hundred of researchers and experts from home and abroad attended. This forum made AnYang well-known. Furthmore, after president Jiang Zemin inspected Yin Ruins Museum in 1991,We have received so many VIPs, like wei Jianxing, Zou Jiahua,Fei Xiaotong,Li Tieying, the general secretary of the Communist party of Spain, The vice-foreign minister of Singapore, the princess of Thailand and about 2,000,000 tourists from home and abroad, which made Yin Ruins Museum a window of AnYang open to the outside world and gained nation wide fame for AnYang and world wide fame because of Yin Shang civilization.